“A Clown To Entertain You” by Kay Bess

I am crude among the artists
Petal fallen from the bloom
Neo-con amongst the Libs
The elephant in the room

I am Jesus with the skeptics
A thorn in both their sides
I am the whore among the Fundies
The beldam with the bride

I am stained among the sainted
On a cross of my own making
A believer with the atheist
A martyr at the staking

I doubt among the certain
My finger’s in the wound
My stammer’s in the speaking
I’m a lyric with no tune

I am the black sheep in the barn
I know where I belong
A clown to entertain you
With a poem and a song

Kay Besswww.sometimeslife.com

“Singing Clown”

photo/artwork by Vanessa Lemen

© 2011

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7 Responses to “A Clown To Entertain You” by Kay Bess

  1. lkthayer says:

    Kay this poem is extraordinary,
    “I’m the Christian among Agnostics
    A thorn in both their sides
    I am the whore among the Fundies
    Alone among the brides”
    absolutely stunning work, I love it
    Welcome to The Juice Bar!
    Lisa :)

  2. Julie says:

    Kay, that was incredible. So much there. Loved it.



  3. Vicki Batkin says:

    WOW! Kay, you are such a gifted writer. What a treat to read your work. I could hear your beautiful voice as i read your words. thank you. ox, Vicki

  4. mac the knife says:


    What an amazing gift you have…each line resonates
    I am in awe…each word, each sentence, profound iconoclast !

  5. Kay says:

    Thank you everyone! And Lisa, thank you for re-posting my final draft! Sorry for all the confusion!! The Juice Bar quenches my thirst!! XOXO

  6. Jean says:

    Kay, what a brilliant piece–so deep and so many layers. You are a pleasure to read and hear. Love, Jean

  7. Roz Levine says:

    Just great. I’d love to hear you sing this.

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