Holly Woodlawn


“True power comes from knowing the absolute truth about ourselves and that takes ruthless honesty. We have no power without love . Without love and empathy for both ourselves and others we cannot complete our character, which is given to us like seeds are given to farmers, to grow and to harvest from, to create abundance that nurtures us and allows us to share its bounty. We are never a done deal till we leave this planet. Don’t sell yourself short.”

- Holly Woodlawn

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fruit for thought…

fruit photo: fruit 6007378.jpg


“If we spend the time we waste in sighing

for the perfect golden fruit

in fulfilling the conditions of its growth,
happiness will come, must come.
It is guaranteed in the very laws of the universe.
If it involves some chastening and renunciation, well,
the fruit will be all the sweeter for this touch of holiness.”

- Helen Keller

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Juicy Quote


“I know, I’m slow on the draw with this “like my page stuff.” It’s annoying but part of the molecular structure of society.”


- LadyHawk


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Like birds…


“We, like birds, are meant to fly and sing – that’s all – and all our plans and schemes are twigs of nest that, once outgrown, we leave.”

~Mark Nepo

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Mitch Hicks – U.K.





“Canary Not Contrary”

was that a canary that flew by

no silly that was mad march

a yellow month of daffs then

more cash for the city wankers

oh i meant bankers

mothers day, st patricks day

how about coffee for the canary

they dont wharf  down coffee only dogs wharf

oh thats where boats unload then.. is that near barking

can i unload there?

Poem & snaps by Mitch Hicks

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Rich Ferguson


Photo by Cat Gwynn

Photo by Cat Gwynn

“With my last dying breath, I will let out a sound; a seed of a love song growing under the tongue, sprouting into a howl, rising from my lips and into night, to halo the wild forever moon.”

- Rich Ferguson

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Charles Bukowski

charles bukowski photo: Charles Bukowski 33e729db.jpg


this kind of fire

  by Charles Bukowski

sometimes I think the gods
deliberately keep pushing me
into the fire
just to hear me
a few good

they just aren't going to
let me retire
silk scarf about neck
giving lectures at 

the gods need me to
entertain them.

they must be terribly
bored with all
the others

and I am too.

and now my cigarette lighter
has gone dry.
I sit here
flicking it.

this kind of fire
they can't give





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Juicy Quote

got juice

It’s possible to forget how alive we really are. We can become dry and tired, just existing, instead of really living. We need to remind ourselves of the juice of life, and make that a habit. Find those places inside that jump for joy, and do things

Photo by LadyHawk



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Happy Birthday Bette Davis

bette davis photo:  bdart.jpg


“I’ve always liked men better than women, but I’d marry again if I found a man who had fifteen million dollars,

would sign over half to me, and guarantee that he’d be dead within a year.”

- Bette Davis


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Marlon Brando

marlon brando photo: Brando MARLON.jpg

“An actor is at most a poet and at least an entertainer.”
 Marlon Brando 
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